A Favourite Photo: Byron Bay Sunset

One of the things I miss most about Western Australia is the amazing sunset. Being on the East Coast now, I don’t get to see so many stunning ends to the day. I lucked out in Byron Bay a few nights ago, and a walk down the beach ending in a surprising stunner of a […]

A Favourite Photo: First Sunset of the Year

I wanted to start a tradition where I would photograph the first sunrise of every year, no matter where I am in the world. Unfortunately, I slept through this sunrise, so I will be changing that tradition from sunrise to sunset. Here are the two photos that are starting this tradition. 2012: Burma 2013: Brisbane. […]

A Favourite Photo: Fiji Flowers

Wherever you go in Fiji, flowers are abundant. The adorn clothing, hair, trees, and buses. This quintessential Fijian shot is one of my favourites from my time on the island of Nacula. Tweet This Post

Village Visit in Fiji

One of the highlights of my time in Fiji was the village visit/church service on the island of Nacula. It was probably the only time during my trip that I felt like I was seeing the ‘real Fiij’ versus the purely tourist Fiji, full of Western food, beautiful beaches and modern comforts. The village of […]

Sydney in Photos

Down at Circular Quay   Tweet This Post

A Favourite Photo: The Opera House and A Cruise Ship

I arrived in Sydney yesterday, and did a bit of wandering around today, Here is a view of the Sydney Opera House from the rooftop of my hostel – YHA Sydney Harbour – The Rocks. Enjoy! Tweet This Post

A Favourite Photo: The Last Flower of Summer

Here is a photo that I took right before I left Canada in October. It’s merely a weed in our front garden but it looked wonderful. Tweet This Post

A Favourite Photo: Perth by Night

Taken on one of my last nights in Perth before returning to Canada, this photo shows the beauty of the Perth skyline. Some people have said the skyline is underwhelming, and when you compare it to many other big cities, it might be. But Perth is a place that feels more like a big town/small […]

A Favourite Photo: Outback Anthill

Ants are some of the best weather forecasters out there. In the Outback, I’d noticed that the ants would suddenly start building up their hills in a seemingly random way. After asking around I learned instead that they sense the humidity in the air and build up the hills in preparation for rain. They are […]

A Favourite Photo: An Outback Sunset

One of the best parts about living in the Outback was the amazing sunsets. And here is one of the bests from Mt. Monger Station, just outside Kalgoorlie. Tweet This Post

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