A Favourite Photo: Temples and Cambodian Children in Phnom Penh

My last day in Phnom Penh was spent wandering around some Angkor Era temples located about 30kms outside of Phnom Penh. It was a wonderful experience, as there were a total of 4 tourists there. Some Cambodian children made friends with us (as they always do). Here is a candid shot of the youngest.   […]

A Favourite Photo: The Faces of Bayon

This might be deemed slightly blasphemous, but I loved Bayon the best (well it’s tied with Ta Prohm). It was significantly less busy that Angkor Wat and I loved this smiling face of a long ago king. Tweet This Post

A Favourite Photo: A Torture Room in Tuol Sleng

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A Favourite Photo: Floating Market Vendor

I fell in love with floating markets in Vietnam. This one is different from many others because it is ‘wholesale’ in nature. So it is mostly big barges and the tourists are mainly observers. Even with that, I found the market to be astounding for photographs. So much food and colour and constant action and […]

A Favourite Photo: An Image to Think About

I took this photo in the memorial stupa at the Choeung Ek Killing Fields near Phnom Penh. I find this photo to be particularly moving. It gives a sense of what was lost. I also lucked out with the light. I apologize if anyone viewing this finds the photo a little disturbing. Tweet This Post

A Favourite Photo: Colourful House in the Mekong Delta

The last day of my tour in the Mekong Delta was spent touring around this ‘floating’ village near the Cambodia border. I love this picture for the colour. Tweet This Post

Reflections on the Cambodian Genocide

I knew about the genocide. I knew that visiting Cambodia would inevitably lead me to some of the sites of the genocide. I knew that while visiting Phnom Penh, I would venture to the Killing Fields outside the city and to the Tuol Sleng prison. I was warned that visiting these sites can be very […]

A Favourite Photo: New Cambodian Friends

These are the faces that greeted me in Cambodia. Our van into the city from the Mekong encountered some bad roads (very very bad dirt roads with lots of stuck vehicles). All the passengers had to get out of the van and walk a little ways to past the worst section. As I was going […]

A Favourite Photo: Spring Rolls in Vietnam

I ate a lot of spring rolls in Asia (A LOT). I ate these in the Mekong Delta. It was the only time they’ve ever looked like this. And they were beyond fantastic. I don’t know the name of the restaurant, nor even the town I was in but if you are ever in a […]

A Favourite Photo: Boatman in the Mekong Delta

I took a 3 day tour of the Mekong Delta. It was very interesting to see such an alternative, yet still very Vietnamese lifestyle. Tweet This Post

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