Rhodes Rash- Lindos, Greece

To prep for my upcoming trip, it seems like it would be a good idea to reflect on my previous travels.

I’ve really only been to Europe previously, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had some adventures. I will quickly review some of my favourite places, events and adventures.

1. Rhodes Rash: The Reason to Buy Travel Insurance

This is not how you reassure your parents when you are only 15. I was on the Greek island of Rhodes, specifically the town of Lindos. Rhodes, and Greece in general, has some of the most beautiful waters. The (Aegean) sea is particularly inviting to someone from a landlocked town in North America (to say nice beaches aren’t plentiful is an understatement). Time was limited so we were running to the beach. Unfortunately one sharp corner got the best of me, and down I went. The result was some of the worst damage I’ve ever done to myself, some very concerned and confused Greeks that we asked for help and a $200 Cruise Ship doctor fee to have it professionally bandaged (which it needed).

This was the result:

Rhodes Rash- Lindos, Greece


2. Top Way to Piss off your Parents: Get a Tattoo in Mexico

Let me preface this one by saying: it wasn’t spur of the moment, nor was I drunk. This was well thought out, I’d wanted one for a long time and have since acquired another. That doesn’t make the idea any more palatable to parents (however, my mother has since told me that she prefers my tattoos to me getting my nose pierced). The tattoo turned out good (although I’ve been too lazy to get touch ups, I still love it a year and a half later), I didn’t get any disease and I made a friend in the tattoo artist. I call that a win.

the tattoo from Cabo


3. The most scared I’ve been on the road: Holiday Park, Hassloch, Germany

While on exchange, a friend of mine lived in a village about 20 minutes away. In this village there is a pseudo-Disneyland called Holiday Park. It has the traditional rollcoasters, log slide where you get soaked and the other carny traditions. It also has a free fall tower. I was forced onto this thing not once but twice. It was hell. I’ve never felt more scared while traveling as I did in these two moments. Here is the crappy photo which they overcharge you for at the ride (the lens hasn’t been cleaned in decades apparently).

Free Fall Tower



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